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W&H Hantsport - Nova Scotia (CRSN Photograph)



Railway stations dot the landscape throughout the many regions of Canada today, each with its own history, its own identity and its own architectural significance. In our publication "Directory of Railway Stations of Ontario" which is in the Books section of this site; provides specific information on how to locate stations throughout Ontario, so both young and old can rekindle fond railway memories.

There is always news unfolding about the different railway stations that are across Canada that have been retired, shut down, or sold therefore there is always updates on these stations. The updates consist of how the station is being changed, whether the station is being moved, or just that it is being transformed into something that the community that it resides in needs. The updates are listed in the News section of the site. Please feel free to tour the site, and enjoy.



Directory of Railway Stations of Ontario - VOLUME II

The Reuse of Former Railway Stations in Ontario


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